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Jul 26, 2013 2:30am PDT
was killed. the murder weapon has not been found, however, defense attorneys have objected to the court's decision to release the records to the public saying it undermines hernandez's chances at a fair trial. he's pleaded not guilty. >>> let's go to baseball and some stuff on the field. nationals. pirates facing off in washington. they blow a four-run to let the pirates tie it up. bryce harper with a chance to play hero. >> 1-1. harper, deep left center! heading to the wall -- it is gone and the nationals win it. >> it's his first home run in three weeks and first walkoff home run of his career and he's fired up. >>> padres and brewers. watch this play. that is full extension. necklace off. that was -- sacrifice it all. they hold on to win, padres do. >>> team usa held a scrimmage in los angeles. the highlight of the night didn't come from anyone in the nba. this happened during a time-out. that's airman nathaniel mills getting some love from carmelo anthony. he did it in full fatigues and combat boots. finally here, a little lesson calling into the mike francesca's radio show. one cal
Jul 29, 2013 2:30am PDT
defense. that's unacceptable. >> congress has until september 30th to strike a new agreement to fund the government to avoid a potential shutdown. >>> senator tom coburn is speaking out against a group of fellow republicans who raised the idea of withholding funding unless obama care is defunded. he said supporters of the idea are being dishonest adding it's a denial of reality. senator mike lee, who along with rubio, paul and cruz, is leading the effort to stop obama care, admitted the government will likely get its funding while adding it's a compliment to receive criticism on both sides of the aisle. and president obama's responding to critics who fault him for delaying a requirement that businesses provide insurance to their employees. >> there's not an action i take that you don't have some folks in congress who say that i'm usurping my authority. some of those folks say i you surp my authority by saying i have the gall to win the presidency. and i don't think that's a secret. ultimately, i'm not concerned about their condition opinions. >> glen green wall is not just saying it'
Jul 25, 2013 2:30am PDT
. some ways, defense is more exciting than offense sometimes. that's just awesome. he makes it look easy. rays win 5-1. two of three from boston. tampa bay now just a half game behind the sox in the a.l. east. i can watch that three times. braves and mets. you might want to look away for a warning if you don't like sports injury. tim hudson on the mound. eric young at the plate. scrambles to first. he stops on his ankle. i'm not even going to look at it again. these things freak me out. he broke it. he had to be taken off the field in a cart. he had nine strikeouts and pitching an absolute gem by the way as well. atlanta wins the game 8-2. i just can't even look at it. all right. let's go to being sore real quick. cowboys stadium in arlington, texas. gold it up semis. landon donovan took a sabbatical. he said you have to work your way back on the team. he's doing a pretty good job. two goals in the game. 3-1 win for team usa. they play panama in the finals sunday in chicago. panama beat mexico to make it to those finals. so i don't know what to say, bill. i just think the yankees need to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3